How to Ace Interviews at Root Info Solutions

Step 1: Types of Jobs at Root Info Solutions

This is an IT company offering web and app development services. Hence, most of the vacancies are linked with them. Freshers are also eligible most of the times. Have a glance of its business portfolio to know what kind of jobs opportunities to expect from.

(a) Mobile App Development: The company builds apps targeting Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and other popular mobile platforms. The company offers native as well as cross-platform app development services. Cross-platform apps are compatible with more than one mobile operating system and are built using PhoneGap or Apache Cordova, an open-source app development framework.

(b) Web Development: The company offers web development services based on AngularJS, Drupal, Magento, WordPress or HTML5 framework.

(c) Software Testing: The company has an internal software testing team to make sure the developed products meet the expectations of their clients. However, here freshers have little scope. The selection criteria in software testing are similar to that of software development.

(d) Business Development: This department is responsible for bringing in business, i.e. customer-acquisition. Interestingly, candidates bereft of any formal technology education can also apply in this category as they don’t have to appear in the technical round (discussed later in the article). However, preference is given to those having masters in business development along with a good academic track record. Prior experience in the IT industry could be an advantage.